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We're MSQ - a group of creative agencies, working for many of the world’s leading and emerging brands.

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Integrated Communications

Our agencies

Our six agencies span advertising, public relations, direct and digital marketing, design, brand strategy and B2B.

We believe that flexibility encourages innovation, and senior involvement ensures quality.

That’s why we offer our clients the choice of working with individual agencies or with a multi-disciplinary team designed around their specific needs.

And why all of our clients enjoy access to senior staff who are actively engaged on their accounts.

  • Stack - CRM & Data

  • Holmes & Marchant - Brand Design

  • Smarts - PR & Marketing

  • Stein IAS - B2B Marketing

  • twentysix - Digital Marketing

  • MSQ Partners

  • The Gate - Advertising

Integrated communications

Fast facts

Global presence

We have an effective and efficient international approach, designed to serve our global clients from key MSQ regional and national offices. Over the past twelve months we have worked in almost 100 countries.

In addition we have established partner agency relationships where a specialist skill or country-specific delivery channel is needed.

With offices in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris, Belfast, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

MSQ Team

MSQ Partners was founded by Peter Reid and Roger Parry in 2011 and is led by a small, experienced team.

Unique to an international group of our scale and reach, our 70 most senior employees are all shareholders in the group, providing a strong incentive for effective collaboration across agencies. The individual agencies in MSQ have a long and proud track record as stand-alone businesses, some of them tracing their heritage back to the 1970s. Each has their own leadership team with distinct approach.

  • Peter Reid

    Peter Reid

  • Roger Parry

    Roger Parry

  • Dan Yardley

    Dan Yardley

  • Suzy Ray

    Suzy Ray

  • Tim Lindsay

    Tim Lindsay

  • Laura Richmond-Watson

    Laura Richmond-Watson

  • Tiffany van den Berg

    Tiffany van den Berg

  • Tim Trotter

    Tim Trotter

  • David Rolfe

    David Rolfe

For new business enquiries please contact Rosanna Staveley or call 0203 026 6611